Course Details

The Signature Course by Kajol R Paswwan is the ultimate learning opportunity for those wishing to enter the world of makeup artistry and become a master in it.

  1. This course is specially designed by Kajol and she puts a great deal of emphasis in both technique AND product knowledge, giving you a clear competitive edge in the market.

  2. This course will groom your make up skills & uplift your talents and get you ready to work in a variety of areas such as: Makeup Brands, Film, Television, TVC, Fashion Runway, Events, and Salon.

Easy 5 steps to become a successful makeup artist:

  1. Enroll for the course

  2. Get introduced to the Makeup world by Kajol

  3. 3 month intensive learning experience

  4. 6 month Internship Program

  5. Certified Make up Artist