Signature Course

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The Signature Course by Kajol R Paswwan is the ultimate learning opportunity for those wishing to enter the world of makeup artistry and become a master in it.

  1. This course is specially designed by Kajol and she puts a great deal of emphasis in both technique AND product knowledge, giving you a clear competitive edge in the market.

  2. This course will groom your make up skills & uplift your talents and get you ready to work in a variety of areas such as: Makeup Brands, Film, Television, TVC, Fashion Runway, Events, and Salon.

Easy 5 steps to become a successful makeup artist:

  1. Enroll for the course

  2. Get introduced to the Makeup world by Kajol

  3. 4 month intensive learning experience

  4. 6 month Internship Program

  5. Certified Make up Artist

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You will gain firsthand experience from Kajol who has mastered around 50 different bridal make up styles and around 100 different Hair Dos. This will eventually help you gain confidence to cater to different class of people and build your brand in the market.


  • Certified course to become a makeup artist

  • Every student to get a vanity kit of all high end products specially picked up by Kajol

  • 6 months internship with Kajol for BRIDES, SHOOTS, COLLABORATIONS etc

  • Only 4 students per batch to ensure personal ATTENTION

  • Dedicated AIRBRUSH makeup sessions to master the technique

  • After course completion every student gets to build their own portfolio through a professional photo-shoot arranged by us

  • All students from the batch gets to join Kajol R Paswwan team full-time and work with us after the internship


  • Portfolio shoots are a must, while you in a process of becoming a professional artist. This will ensure that the work done by each student is documented really well in a professional photo shoot.


  • After the course is over, there will be an assessment analysis that will help us put your work in front of our clients. This gives you a chance to showcase your talent by putting your best makeup brush ahead and winning client’s emotions.

  • We will help nurture you at all stages of learning and will guide you on how to kick start your career in this growing industry.


  • We have specially included this topic in this course because we understand the importance of social media in today’s age and how competitive the Industry has become. So, this will be a gist of everything that a profession needs to know, how to grow their business with the aid of social media.


  • We want to give maximum coverage to our students not just theoretically & practically but also promotion wise. It’s always a proud moment for us when our students perform exceptionally well and hence deserves the appreciation.

This is a 4 months long course followed up 6 months long internship opportunity.

The best student also gets a chance to work alongside with Kajol as a full time employee.

  • The total cost to enroll for this course is ₹ 5 Lac.
  • 50% to be paid in advance and the rest within 15 days since course beginning.