The word “MAKEOVER” is the clue itself for using makeup. A skilled makeover can hide our facial anomalies and add extra glamour and good gaze. It is rightly said that a good makeup not only imposes good look, it infuses a feel good mood also, which is the prime reason for makeover perhaps.

However, there are some more reasons for using makeup tricks. The reasons may have varied significances for different persons, but it has been found that the people who enjoy makeover are inspired by most of the reasons mentioned below. Whether it’s about dress, hair, footwear, jewelry… think of anything for your wedding events and beauty prep, we can help you with everything.

Difference Between Makeup and a Makeover

A makeover does not only govern the skin, it covers the whole appearance including shoes, hair, clothes and what a person’s total look is.


Basically, makeup refers to cosmetics, whilst a makeover is changing one’s appearance as a whole.

Quick and Easy Makeovers

  1.  Light up any room with a brighter smile.
  2. Hydrate your hair and skin.
  3. Up your hair game.
  4. Turn up the color factor.
  5. Add a little sparkle to your eyes.
  6. Keep a brow profile.
  7. Rock a red lip.