Bridal Makeup

Without a doubt, your wedding day makeup will be as luminous as you dreamed of. Hire us, your makeup artist to fix all your inhibitions for the D-Day look and have nothing but the best.

What is the difference between bridal makeup and regular makeup?

The basic difference is that you don't wear bridal makeup every day. It is exclusive, and you wear it only on your wedding day. Regular makeup can be worn every day, while at work, at a party, or everywhere else, except on your wedding day.

How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Look

  1. Summarize your wedding day in three words.
  2. Pull inspiration from celebrities.
  3. Take your wedding day outfit into consideration.
  4. Ask your loved ones for their opinions.
  5. Be intentional with your selections.
  6. Prioritize your preferences.
  7. Assuming Someone Else's Wedding Makeup Look Will Look the Same on You.