The Kajol R Paswwan Academy is the ultimate learning platform for those wishing to enter the world of makeup artistry. We love makeup and we believe in turning your passion into a serious profession. This is the first time ever, we are introducing the Advance Level Pro Certified Makeup & Hair Course. The idea behind this diploma course is to train a beginner from the scratch & provide him/her with the right opportunities to move forward in this competitive Makeup Industry. This is a complete Professional Makeup & Hair Artistry Course, specially structured for those willing to specialize and build an all-round Makeup & Beauty stylist. All our courses are designed focusing on providing the most innovative and practical teaching techniques with wide selection of courses structured keeping in mind the recent trends and requirements.

Every student gets their own Vanity kit with the best of professional makeup products, tools, brushes, hair products, airbrush kit, etc. We have included this feature to ensure that students don’t have to go out of the Academy in search of anything. This kit will be their ride or die, while they are in their training process, internship period or when they start working professionally in the team.


  • Welcome orientation Introduction to make up •
  • Essential brushes, their uses and care
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Understanding skin and skincare
  • Colour theory
  • Analysis of different face shapes and facial anatomy
  • Analysis of eye
  • Understanding brow shapes and proportions
  • Foundation applications and techniques
  • Concealer and Corrector
  • Contour and Highlight
  • How to build your make up vanity
  • Importance of Undertones
  • Working on different skin tones and texture
  • False lashes and Application
  • Use of glitters and Application
  • Product mixing techniques
  • Consultation and trials
  • Theory, demonstration and practical

Portfolio shoots are a must, while you in a process of becoming a professional artist.This will ensure that the work done by each student is documented really well in a professional photo shoot conducted by this. Students get to perform, all that they have learnt during the course. It will also give them a guidance on how the Industry works & different people collaborate on a single assignment.

Once you are well versed with the techniques, it’s important to put that into constructive work. What’s important is, being able to start working in the Industry, meeting new people, clients, making a connect, share ideas, etc. This is what, is going to lead you to a successful journey. Kajol being one of the ace Makeup Artists in Mumbai, has worked with top fashion bloggers, actors, models, wedding portals, brands, etc. Hence, we want to inculcate all these experiences in each one of our student’s careers as well. Coming to the bridal projects, we assure that you will not get such better opportunities that you will get at Kajol R Paswwan Academy, from client conversations, conversion of leads, intercity projects, siders, to destination weddings, you name it & we give it.

We have specially included this topic in this course because we understand the importance of social media in today’s age and how competitive the Industry has become. So, this will be a gist of everything that a profession needs to know, how to grow their business with the aid of social media.

We want to give maximum coverage to our students not just theoretically & practically but also promotion wise. It’s always a proud moment for us when our students perform exceptionally well and hence deserves the appreciation.

It’s a 3 months of long term certified course followed by 3 months of internship, to enlighten the students with the right kind of Industry experience & exposure. The special feature about this course is, once the student is done with training, she gets to join the Kajol R Paswwan Team of elite Makeup Artists and work as a senior stylist for 6 months. Over all, it’s a period of 1 year, which will transform you from a beginner to
advance level, without having to work as a freelancer.

We will provide the entire make up material for practice during the course. Students have to practice oneach other during the course.

  • Throughout the course you will see a wide range of all High-end products and will get to work with products like Mac, Bobbi brown, Nars, urban decay, benefit, smash-box, make up forever and much more.
  • Kajol R Paswwan provides you a wholesome experience of all things makeup and hair. We promise to hold your hands along the way and help you with this exciting process.
  • This course is meant for the aspiring souls in you who are determined in making a path breaking career choice!
  • Class Capacity: Only 4 students per batch for personalized attention.
  • We do conduct special Weekend batch as well for working professionals, who wish to follow their passion over career
    *once the fees is paid, it would be non-refundable*
  • On completion of the course, you receive a certificate by Kajol R Paswan Academy, and thereafter you can pursue your career as a professional makeup artist.
  • All in all, we make sure that your dream truly comes true and you go out of the Academy with flying colors.

Looking forward to see makeup enthusiasts at the Academy!