Hi guys! How’s 2018 treating you all? So far, so good? I can’t believe we’re already half way through & I have so many experiences to share with you, lovelies! So this is my first ever travel blog! Travel has become a part of my life & my job, for which I can’t be more grateful. Hence, I decided to include these experiences here & share it with all. So let’s begin!

This was my first International trip of the year, which was Dubai!!! Yes I know, it’s a paradise for every shopaholic person out there! So if you already follow me on my social media platforms, you’d know that I did this Dubai trip in the end of March’18! The beginning of 2018 started with a bang for me, bride after bride as it was the peak season! Hence, this getaway was much needed & it was not just a vacation. My main purpose of visiting Dubai was to attend the Global Makeup Educator, the glam guru, who’s truly an inspiration, Michelly Palma’s 2 Day Makeup Workshop organized by Universal World Conventions & Exhibitions Est. (@uwcee). When I heard that she’s conduction her world tour in one of my favourite cities in the world, I didn’t even give it a second thought & registered myself for the Workshop. This Dubai Trip has been such a great part of my travel experiences in all sense, as I was travelling alone, learning, meeting new people, interacting, etc. I was super pumped to meet Michelly, other Dubai based makeup artists & artists from all over the world.

Since the Workshop was only for 2 days, I decided to extend my trip because who comes back from Dubai in just 2 days? Nobody! Ha-ha! So I had planned my trip very meticulously so that I can get the most of it from shopping, to visiting the famous Dubai attractions, to meeting few of my friends, chill, relax & do my own thing! I had a night flight on the 26th of March & you won’t believe I had just come back from Goa, 1 day back from a Bridal assignment but nothing could dull my excitement, literally!

😀 I reached the airport and of course I had to splurge at the duty free! I shopped just a few things from Sephora without going all out!


So it was the Day 1 at Dubai, since I reached my hotel quite late at night, I took a really good sleep. I was feeling super fresh in the morning. I had the entire day to myself. But wait! How can I forget? Let’s just first talk about the gorgeous weather that I was in love with! The temperature was perfect, it was sunny & pleasant, exactly how I would imagine. So it was a great start. I got ready & headed to the most famous Dubai Mall, malls in Dubai are humongous so I had a lot to explore there! Don’t even get me started on what all I shopped! I picked up lot of makeup products from Sephora which are available in India, clothes, perfumes, shoes, etc. It was truly a shopping all out kinda day! I don’t even know, why I packed my bags from India. Ha-ha! I grabbed a lunch at the mall itself & headed for the Dessert Safari. I had decided first itself that I want to experience these adventurous things, Dubai has to offer so here I was! I met a really sweet pal at the Sahari & we bonded really well. The Sahari was really good but if you have motion sickness, then you should definitely avoid it. The evening was followed by the local belly dance show, camel ride & some delicious barbeque by the camp. People were singing, dancing, and enjoying the weather! The sunset was magical. I was soaking in all the positive vibes from there & the day ended at a super relaxing note.


I was so excited for this day to come. It was the first day of the Workshop. I was nervous & at the same time supremely excited to be in a room full of world class, talented makeup artists from different parts of the world. Growing up, attending Michelly Palma’s Workshop was a dream for me & now when I got to attend it as a VIP entry, was just so surreal! This moment made to realise that hard work pays you off big time & hence there’s no stopping for me. So yeah, coming to the workshop! It was held at Sofitel Dubai, The Palm Resort & Spa at Jumeirah. I had got ready for the day & I knew I would be a long as the Workshop was for 6 hours, wherein we learnt 2 amazingly divine looks from Michelly herself. As my outfit was quite plain & nude, I went for a full on glam makeup look, with soft smokey eyes, fuller lashes & red lips! I discovered a Salon very close to my hotel, where I got my hair done and I was all set for the day. Before heading to the venue, I met a friend who was staying nearby. I was aware that I will be meeting a lot of my friends, colleagues & Makeup Artists from India, which is always fun to catch up with them. And guess what? Who else was accompanying me to the Workshop, Arushi Oswal! If you know me, you would know she’s my guru, mentor & guide. That was the highlight of the day that I was attending my biggest workshop of my life alongside my teacher, from where I started my journey. The workshop went really well, I was continuously updating my Insta-Stories, as lot of you were inquisitive about what all was happening! Over all, it was an excellent learning opportunity. I just fell in love with Michelly’s work, a little bit more! That lady has some mind-blowing talent! After the class ended, we interacted with each other & clicked tons of pictures. There were so many known faces from the Makeup Industry, I can’t even begin to list down. It was hell lot of a tiring day, so just to chill & unwind, me & Arushi decided to go to Jumeirah Beach for Hookah, one of the to-do things in Dubai. Trust me, it was a really good night!

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Guys, I was there for 7 Days, and these are just 2 Days..

I will post the rest of my journey very soon !!
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